Ready to rock

South Africa, we are back again. After a 21 hours travel (from door 2 door), we just arrived in Port Elizabeth, where the race will take place on Sunday. This city yesterday welcomes us with a very strong wind and this morning with a strong rain. But nevertheless, we also will show our strengths on race day, when 2.400 (!) athletes jump into the ocean to fight against the waves, for a good time and placement. I took part at many long distance triathlon competitions, but the atmosphere in PE is one of the most emotional ones. African people are mostly friendly and have a smile for each other. The whole city is prepared for this race and many people of this town will celebrate on Sunday during the triathlon, with party and dancing along the course – for us, that’s really absolutely fantastic. During my short cycling today (checking the bike) I saw in „every“ small area of this city that the IRONMAN mode is on. The mandatory race briefing tonight reminds me, how difficult the rules are, left-hand-traffic, special safety during swimming because of sharks, drafting rules for overtaking, etc… Normally, I don’t go to running race briefings, but in Triathlon it is absolutely necessary. Tomorrow is time for bike check-in into the transition area, and swim- and run clothes too. On race morning from 5 a.m. every athlete has a short preparation time, before the canons will give signal for the start. They announced something spectacular because of the 10th anniversary of this competition. Swim start is at the shark rock, Nelson Mandela Bay. But we don’t expect sharks, they certainly will have more respect because of 4.800 arms. That’s it for the moment, by the way, all the best for my friends, who will start also on Sunday at the Bonn Marathon – rock it guys 🙂 !

Clear priorities during These days
Clear priorities during These days
Swimstart at the Shark-Rock

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