My name is René Göldner. I was born in October 1973 and live in my adopted hometown of Bonn after I grew up in Northern Germany and have also lived in Bavaria.
After 10 years of intense aerial sport (paragliding) I started with running competitions and later on I switched over to triathlon. This sport already became for many years a competitive sport to me.
Whenever it is possible I go running – thats my favorite discipline, Trail-running.
However, I was never able to focus on one format only. I like both, the short and the long distances no matter if running or triathlon.

All formats have their own charm. Since 2007 I have been in Triathlon long-distance races and qualified myself for the Ironman World Championships in 2014 at Hawaii. That was for sure absolutely the highlight of my sport. The international competitions enable traveling a lot around the worl. This makes me happy.

I have been working international for many years.  Working as a project manager in the economy and as lecturer at the university gives me the possibility to transfer my gained knowledge from sport to business.

Work- and training hard to achieve goals is mandatory. To combine job and sport in a way, to achieve a synergy effect that mental power and satisfaction increase, is my daily incentive. But I try never forget how important recovery time is, either mentally and physically.

Self motivation, however, is not always easy, but most of the time possible.

With my blog I would like to tell you about what happen in my sport life and at the same time givees something back to my sponsors.



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