Winter in South Africa – part 1

I really like my home country Germany, but not the cold, dark and rainy winter season. Nowaday where remote work and WORKATION not anymore are just words, rather than reality, why not fleeing over the winter time to a country, where the sun always shins? …ok Australia where we spent the last 3 years (exception 2020 covid year) has still closed its boundaries. The decision to go to South Africa was very easy, also because there is practically no time difference and working appointments with Europe can be planned very well.

Very, very spontaneously decided (3 weeks before we moved) and luckily we found a house just 50 meters from the ocean away in the beautiful small town of Kommetjie. From there you can hear the ocean day and night. How good is that?! And you know what? Over AirBNB and from such a very nice lady, we rented the house, she even picked us from the airport (with two big bicykle boxes..) and she also helps us wherever she can. This is one of the positive besides, of a trip.

I have packed my gravel bike for training (which definetely makes sense in order to explore one OF THE beautiful road bike courses in the world „Chapmen’s peak“ and on the otherhand to go wild into the bush). Perfect decision, ideal mixture of riding fast and going wild.

But Workation is not only a fancy word, it means we have to work, also when the sun is shining. But you also can enjoy the rest of your day and refill your body battery with sun, nice food and a beatiful country. And this definitely is a benefit for your working results.

We’ve been here for three weeks now and I’ve already ridden my bike more than planned. This is a good sign and make me confidently looking to the triathlon season 2022.

I signed up already for some bigger competitions next year .. I am really motivated. And this has also to do with the brilliant weather.

More and more I am surrounded by people from all kind of industries and career level who do work remote, abroad, from their home, from somewhere where they feel very comfortable. And of course also meet their colleagues whenever it makes sense. And you know what? It has a positive output to all of them, including their companies.

And I also have companies as customers, who more and more move to a flexible system, that makes the most with their employees – happy and measurable output.

That makes me incredibly confident in terms of our working culture.

Ok, back to here. Of course we need a routine – sport, beach, working, eat, meeting people and so on. And yes, the time flies ….is that because of my higher motivation or the weather or even of the different lifestyle? I don’t know, but to be honest, I even have no time to watch tv! 🙂

Fact is, we divided our time in Southafrica into three parts – next location for a longer period is Stellenbosch – not anymore on the ocean furthermore in the bush, very nice and different.

I soon explored the whole area by running and cycling and had already done five hours of bike tours, time to explore something new.

If you ask about security, yes, it is safe.

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