Running above 3.800 meter altitude

Today it’s time for changing the language, I like that and if would be my Spanish good enough for writing, I would do that. To learn Spanish is one thing, to have a conversation (or a part of it) with a chilenian guy, which maximum speaks the half of a word and this also with speed (muy rápido) the other thing – we struggle with that. BUT Spanish will getting better day by day, so be aware of a Spanish blog part 🙂 soon.

I am for sure not here for any training in anything, but the curiosity to find out what will happen during running at this high level of altitude of course is there. Yesterday I did a first run starting at 3.500m until the hight of 3.800m – I was never believe, that doesn’t work, it just was maybe a minute running followed by seconds walking – at the end I got 6 km – wow.
Today after our nearly five hours hiking tour and a short sleeping break (it’s holliday)  wanted to try (for sure) again. And hey, I got more meters, less walking stops and at the end 10 km, and I reached the 4.000m level. But we are now approx. one week at a hight altutude above. The body acts totally different as at home or as well as even at 2.000m. At a level of 4.500m you only have 55 percent of oxygen – yes I can confirm :-). But I never expected that in this way.

Today we went to the three country edge of Bolivia, Peru and Chile – arround the tiny village Parinacota where the Lago Chungará (which lay at an altitude of 4.566 m) surrounded by several over 6.000 m Vulcanos. Lots of Lama Alpaca in this area. The air is getting rea thin. Later the day we went to the „termas jurasi“ near Putre, which has lots of small pools, getting it’s hot (!) water dircet out of the Volcan. Having a a hot source , that, I wood save a lot of money.

And a third run afterwards…

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