Two oceans Run – Cape town

The medal
The medal

Time is running, and exactly 13 days after the ironman, the Two Oceans Run was listed on my agenda. They call it „the world Most beautiful run“ and with over 27.000 participants from unbelievable 86 different nations it became a very popular run. We took part on the day before that race, at the international friendship run, which was really impressive. Runners with different national flags and one major thought – connecting the World.

One of the fastes marathon runners, Wilson Kipsang (Marathon world-record holder) also took part at this friendship run, and we run side by side.

On Saturday ‚race day’s, the alarm clock woke me up (3 o’clock) again very early, as for the ironman, because of the start at 6:00 a.m. Out of start blog A in the very front of the line it tooks us directly into the darkness.

We ran the first six kilometers in the dark, that was very impressioning, as we saw the skyline of cape town slowly wake up and we ran into the sunrise.
That course had two really hard peaks with slopes of 23% and a total of 500 vertical meters and again the wind was still blowing. I guess, he followed me from Port Elizabeth to stay all the times with me.
You will not believe, how many spectators were on the course to celebrate with us, so early at this morning. I am quite sure, the Africans love such big sport events and they all shared the atmosphere with us.
The course was great, but as I mentioned, my legs still remembers the Triathlon a few days ago. But nevertheless I am quite lucky to have got the silver medal for staying under 1:30 hours. No pain, no gain! I reached the 7th place in the age category (40-49). Gisa certainly reaches her goal and she enjoyed as well.

Never before I entered the finish line after a half-marathon before 7:30 a.m., that was really crazy, having the full day in front of us.

At the finishline I got to know Nesty Mokolokolo, a very fast runner from Johannesburg, he is able to run the 10k in 28 minutes (and marathon in 2:15). We talked a bit and he was absolutely interested on my runnerspoint running shirt (which was totaly sweaty). So I left it to him and he promised to wear it during his next race. So this shirt will for sure get more speed with him wearing it:-)
We also changed our email addresses and maybe we will see him next year winning the Bonn marathon.

Who ever is going to run that Race, will find an absolute great race in a worthwhile country, if you take a look at the result list you may find runners, who run this two oceans run for the 41 st time (Year for Year from 1971 on). I mean this is amazing!

Startplatz beim Two Oceans Run in Kapstadt gesichert

++ Zwei Wochen nach meiner geplanten Teilnahme beim Ironman in Süd Afrika Anfang April ist nun auch der Start beim Two Oceans Run in Kapstadt gesichert. Der Veranstalter hatte die Plätze im Losverfahren vergeben. Gisa und ich werden beim Halbmarathon dort starten. Der legendäre „Two Oceans Run“ in Kapstadt zählt zu den schönsten Strecken der Welt und wurde erstmals 1970 ausgetragen ++

Hauptziel ist und bleibt natürlich der Ironman – das sich jedoch die Möglichkeit bietet, muss auch dieser Lauf mit auf den Plan 🙂

Two Oceans Run Capetown [South Africa]
Two Oceans Run Capetown [South Africa]