Langkawi HM – 5th place

After race is before the race! From the Malaysia Island of Penang we moved one Island further to Langkawi Island by a three hour speed ferry trip, which was like a freezer, very cold. For the next half marathon and of course exploring.

We found Langkawi as a very very green natural Island, which reminds us a bit to Borneo.

Only six days after the first race the second international halfmarathon took place on Langkawi. Of course, some of the Kenia runners also moved from Penang to this place to win good price money again. We had the same plan and hoped not to see all Kenia runner again.

Start was shortly before darkness. But why always running in the dark? The answer is quit easy in these countrys, the heat would collapse the most runners.

Gisa, the Kenia guys, other foreigners and I were ranged in the international category. The race course itself unfortunately wasn’t blocked for the cars, later in the darkness we were struggled not to be hit from a car.

From the very beginning on I was very close behind the leading woman from Kenia and one other international runner, but I was able to push myself very hard and overtook both by end of km 15. I observed them the whole time but I absolutely wanted avoid an early overtaking manoeuver that probably had killed me.

As I started very defensive and tried not to over-pace, it’s still strange not to pace in the usual speed like at home.

The conditions were simply to heavy for that kind of speed, anyhow for me.

Two kilometers before the finish line I saw one of the Kenia guys in front of me, but wasn’t able to catch him. I came in at total twelves place and in the international category fifths with a time of 1:26:18. In Malaysia they don’t reward age groups only overall and International category will be rewarded.

I recognized that I finished again in the price money range and that really made me happy and again completely sweaty.

That was the second race in Malaysia I only got water behind the finish line, but anything else like street food booth (nasi, mee nudles, fish), coconut dealer, etc. you can get for small money.

The highlight was, Gisa turned around the corner and came as international second woman (total fourth woman). What a great achievement!

We were both rewarded with a great price money ceremony and Gisa with an extra trophy!

We both gave our trophys to our Homestay, who was really happy about and will keep it as areminder!

Malaysia running competitions – really awesome different conditions to ours. If not yet done, you should put it onto your bucket list, defenitely.

Ein Gedanke zu “Langkawi HM – 5th place

  1. Dorothee Wiechert

    Hallo Gisa

    Euch scheint es ja gut zu gehen. Glückwunsch zu den guten Platzierungen. Bin gespannt auf euer nächstes Ziel. Wenn es so weiter geht, könnt ihr ja gut davon leben.

    Liebe Grüße

    Dorothee (Wiechert)

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