East Coast Australia

After the triathlon race in november, we left our lovely Anne who kindly hosted us for the race. She was absolutely nice and I could even park my bike there for the next weeks. We headed south to St. George Basin witch is close to the beautiful Hyams Beach area. This accommodation was also a private one and offered as well a great BBQ grill. Of course we did a dolphin watching boat trip to Jervis bay and this was absolutely amazing, even when it was hard for the captain to find the dolphins which are living in that area. At the end he found some of them and they even swam with our boot. The boat trip company jervisbaywild.com.au we can fully recommend to everybody.

We did some nice hikes through different national parks and were able to watch wild animals like a black tiger snake crossing our path (one of the venomous snakes in Australia, an Echina (looks like a hedgehog with a really long nose, he was looking for that kind of big ants). And everything was looking really nature, wild and it seems to us that the environment here is intact.

Ok aside from the fact that everybody drives his big truck this is needfully more as in many other countries.

The food on the east coast is fresh and especially fish and beef is yummy – kangaroo meet is very tasty as well. Anyway sometimes we miss the street kitchen from Asia.

It’s all about food, isn’t it?

We spend a couple of days in Bermagui (The locales calls it Bermi) where our cabin was a stones throw from the beach away. And we were lucky to see the dolphins nearly every day. that was really amazing.

We did an amazing sea Kajak tour along the coastline with a really good guide and absolutely perfect material. This coast where we went along is at the highest level of preserve area, crystal clear water and beaches which have only excess from the water on.

Of course even in my sporty offseason it doesn’t work to pass a mountain trail without that feeling of going run. And so at Tilba Tilba we run that Jungle path through the pure rainforest to reach the summit of the Gulaga Mountain (elevation gain of 870 meter on 6 Kilometer) that was really fun and the day after we both felt full of muscle pain.

Having a coffee somewhere in Australia is very expensive with around 4-5 AUD – good that we already having our Mocha pot with us, this pot accompanies me since I am nineteen.

We also stayed in beach cabins, which is something between a tent and a house, very popular. Of course without WiFi connection. To check this out people daily run into the reception area to collect their emails. Funny thing how people becoming creative in case of „not being online“. We followed them…

Now we are staying at a nice lady over Airbnb right close to Bateman Haven and almost four weeks in Australia and still having two weeks left. Our last days are planned to stay in Sydney itself and we will celebrate Xmas with a friend together in Sydney, probably on the beach.

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