Ironman 70.3 New Zealand

Day 159 of our worldtour. Australia bye bye next destination New Zealand, you can hardly go any further as a german! We headed off further to New Zealand to Lake Taupo located on the north island, three and a half hours driving time from Auckland.  This lake was created approx. 26.500 years after one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in the world hostory. The Lake Taupo is 625 km² (which is much bigger than the european lake Bodensee).

What else would be better, than racing a triathlon on the opposite the world. I chose the Ironman 70.3, even knowing that I cant’t seriously  prepare for it and the fact that I didn’t had any triathlon equipment with me. But I absolutely wanted to do this special triathlon, 18.433 km far away from my hometown, so I cheked my road bike into the triathlon T1.

Luckily I got Steffis wetsuit borrowed and took an old race suit and found myself highly motivated at the start line. We mett Steffi and Gerry (from our hometown)  in Melbourne and spent the days over the race together in New Zealand, the world is pretty small. Gerry did the full distance and achieved the podium, special!

Start was in the dark with illuminated buoys after the traditional Māori Haka dance prelude on the beach. With maximum power over the 90 km I was not really compatible with my road bike but it was fun and some guys with their tri bikes where surprised to be overtaken by a road bike. But most of the time I found myself somewhere in the race field …but not where I expected myself to be.

The final half marathon at the end was nice and smoothly and with a time of 4:47:20 hours I came in 16th age group. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone doing a thriathlon with a road bike, but anyway it was the only option to take part – and it was really worthit. A finish in a special race always counts twice.

We are just a stone throw away from Mount Doom of Mordor (Schicksalsberg) out of  the trilogy „Lord of the rings“. And that was what we did after the race, a six hour hiking tour through beautiful landscapes, vulcanic area of New Zealand and a long kayak tour. We are very excited to explore a bit more of this natural country.

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