The wilderness of Tasmania

Day 121 of our world travel, still in Australia – but now in Tasmania for a second time after 2018. We came back to Hobart for two weeks. Before exploring a nother area of this wild and naturefull Australian island, we spent some nights with a friend to prepare our different hikes. In between we came back to him, he is an Antarctic scientist and always gave us helpful suggestions.

Originally we wanted to discover the north part of this island but there were so much more to explore in the south, not far from Hobart and we got some recommendations from locals, that we decided to do the southern end of Tasmania. Travelling with a plan in mind is helpfull but even better are tips from local people. And it often smashed our originally plans which was good.

We did several hiking tours and due to the often rainy weather we needed sometimes two attempts. One of them was the Cape Pillar track, on which we had to spent one night somewhere in the Bush. We had some rainy nights, cold single-digit temperatures, hot weather, sunshine, camping in the middle of clouds. And on the other side we were rewarded with spectacular views, have seen the southest point of Australia (which is only available by a two hour hike), went along on stunning coastal cliffs 300 meter above the ocean, were able to watch Echidna’s and Wallaby’s, and probably breathed in the freshest air on our planet earth.

Tasmania is wild, the weather can change very quickly and like on the mainland there are many BBQ spots to cook your self, beautiful to whom who love to spend time outdoor. You dont have to drive far away on the island to be in the middle of the Bush, in the middle of the pure fantastic nature.

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