Welcome to my Blog! I am René and I live in my adopted hometown of Bonn, but I feel at home in many parts around the world
After 10 years of intense aerial sport (paragliding) I started with running competitions and later on I switched over to triathlon. This sport already became for many years a competitive sport to me.
Whenever it is possible I go running or jump on my bike – these are my favorite disciplines.
However, I was never able to focus on one format only. I like both, the short and the long distances no matter if running or triathlon.

All formats have their own charm. Since 2007 I have been in Triathlon long-distance races and qualified myself for the Ironman World Championships in 2014 at Hawaii. That was for sure absolutely the highlight of my sport. The international competitions enable traveling a lot around the worl. This makes me happy.

I have been working international for many years.  Working as an agile project manager and agile trainer in the economy and as lecturer at the university gives me the possibility to combine my gained knowledge with business. On top with an eXtra of sport attitude.

Work- and training hard to achieve goals is mandatory. It is really worthwhile to combine work and whatever else you like in a way to achieve a synergy effect that increases mental strength and satisfaction. What really counts is, what you’re passionate about!

Self motivation, however, is not always easy, but most of the time possible.

With my blog I would like to tell you what is happening in my sports life and give something back to my sponsors who believe in me.

If you are interested in having me as a professional speeker and introducing agility and successful project management with tools out of professional sports in your company, please get in contact via E-Mail or visit my  linkedin_bild Profile.