Sixteen kilometers over the ocean

Wow, one of my fascinating  bike rides is over. I already had this dream crossing one of the longest bridges over the ocean with my bike but still unsure if this will happen. Before starting our journey I was looking for someone who did this ride over the second Penang Bridge „Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge“ which is 16 Kilometer long and connected Malaysia mainland with the Island of Penang over the ocean „street of Selatan“. I even was able to find one gps track of someone who did this with his bike. From that point it was setted in my head. But the last days Penang was hit by bad weather even with storm which causes big destruction and loss of human life. Today on our last day here I went out for a long ride and soon after two hours of riding I reached the bridge and went through and did it.

I am still flashed about this sensation, riding over the bridge, surrounded by the ocean. Ok, I wasn’t sure whether the police would stop me or not, and they actual did. After explaining… that this is really what I wanted to do, they even asking for some pictures with me, and stayed relaxed and advised me to drive back safely. That’s it.

In total it took a bit longer as expected and after 113 Kilometer I was back, with so many impressions. I mean that was a crazy ride – and would be a perfect course for hard training rides!

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