Ironman South Africa – for a second time

Today, fitting to the topic above, in english.

The decision has been made, for a second time I will race at the Ironman in South Africa, Port Elizabeth. On April, 6th, together with 2,000 other athletes we will be there at the start line on the Nelson Mandela bay and fight against the time and also against the competitors.

The fact I am able to race there, is certainly a great happiness, because the race was already fully booked 3 weeks. However, Some phone calls to South Africa were necessary before they still let me in to the already fully booked starting field.  – yes!

Due to this fact the next few months are now planned very very tight from the sporting side. Although I had decided after my first start 2010 at the South Africa, never doing again make a Ironman preparation in winter time. I am now just one step away, before the training will start!  But, kicking away the bad memories  and put the focus to the positive 🙂 – Triathlon always makes me happy!

South Africa Ironman Triathlon is one of the best long distance races for me. The swim part take place into the ocean, here it is important to stand up against 2.000 other competitors and getting the right rhythm to find the buoys within waves. The mood at the subsequent bike course is very much alive, dancing Africans cheer on to the athletes with musical instruments. At temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees each drink station duty and full water bottles is to accept at full speed is even more important. The same rules are also valid for the third Discipline of course. At the marathon course the mood will get to the maximum, even the temperature increases to maximum. According to the motto „keep your body temperature low“ I poured all liquid, I could get over me.

The finish line at the Atlantic coast is spectacular and beautiful. In 2010, I was able to reach a total place 43 (in 9:41:19 hours).

The goal is of course an improvement – South Africa is a always a good decision for a trip, not only for sport!

Before the race in 2010
Before the race in 2010
... a good motto for motivation
… a good motto for motivation


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