Silvesterlauf 2014 – and about the last 12 month

2014 is almost over and as usual, I finished it with the New Year’s run in Bonn – today with my age group win (result 10km: 35:32 – place 1 / 12). Because so many good things are happened, that it definitely makes sense to write a summary about the past twelve month. Two long distance Triathlon events in total!

„The race in South Africa led me to Hawaii“ is the core message for the past year. October 2013 I decided to start for a second time the Ironman in South Africa. Why so far away from home? Because this country and especial that race is absolut fantastic. People are so happy having this competition in Port Elizabeth, and we used again the chance, travelling the 700 km with several stopover to Cape Town.

I started training for South Africa Ironman in December 2013 with my first stay on the Lanzarote island, in my favorite hotel, where I stayed since 2009 up to two times a year. After three weeks back at home I had the chance to get back to Lanzarote in January 2014. These two stays were the foundation for only 18 weeks preparation time. I found out, that a short preparation time for a longdistance race is for me the best way, this hasn’t only to do with getting motivated rather than the physical strain.

I flew not only to Africa with focus on getting the ticket to Hawaii Ironman, but to reach a new personal besttime. And funnily it was the other way around. With the extrem wind conditions at the end I could not reach a new best time, but I finally reached my long awaited qualification for the world chamipionchips on Hawaii. From that point in April on a long time without holidays started, I wanted to save every single vacation day I could for Hawaii.

Then in October it was really going to Hawaii – and I enjoyed every single day on Big Island. The Ironman competition on 11.October was my sporting highlight ever ever. Racing with the best Triathletes of the world – I will never forget. It also doesn’t matter, that the wind conditions that day were even more extreme than in South Africa. I reached the finish line and was happy. One of my big dreams in my live came true.

Even though I will never be world champion, there are still some goals and times to achieve.

Many trainings and races over the year, I was able to spend with friends. Day by day I also could learn from them. Sport is more than just exercise – sport is a way of life.

This year I finish very satisfied from the sporty perspective and especially also in my job. 2015 is already waiting for new acts – Keep on rockin!

That’s my motto in 2015

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