Tandem tour GSRT Australia

Day 114 of our world tour – still in Australia. From time to time we are doing a tandem cycling tour for some reasons. Exploring, on one bike is much  easier especially if there is a difference in power. Both padelists have to be in the same frequency. To find a tandem in a good condition makes it hard sometimes.

We started in Melbourne for a six days tour with our tent and also wanted to ride the Great Southern Rail Trail, which is an old rail trail rebuilt to a 73 km fine gravel path.

During the first night we had  heavy rain until the next midday, but with our extremely good lightweight tent not a problem at all (No advertising, but it is a Hilleberg tent). Our further way took us via Philip Island. To do so, we had to take a small ferry. For the half an hour trip,  it was tricky enough to get the tandem fully packed on the ferry with the heavy waves in this rough see – and it continued to be stormy and bumpy all day.

We always found a wild place to pitch up our tent, because we don’t really like camping grounds and Australia is good for wild camping. One night the police came to our place close to the ocean just before we wanted to sleep and just asked how long we would like to stay. They were super friendly and interested in us. So we stayed one night with official permit ;-).

We wanted to do the GSRT which means Great Southern Rail Trail, an old rail trail that now serves as a gravel road for everybody except cars. . We even luckily saw  Koalas and Echidna.

On the third day we reached our goal, a very small town on the ocean, Port Welshpool (more or less one street, one jetty and one small coffee nothing more) with a lovely spot waiting for our tent. Before we had our first shower after three days – which was amazing :-).

In total we spent six days on the tandem with 504 kilometer which does’nt sound much. But believe me, on a tandem every Km counts differently in comparison to a road bike. You can’t take your downhill speed for the next uphill, you always have to start at point zero in the valley. The big adventage is, both riders are together the whole time, the „man“ behind can’t fall out of the slipstream and you have a lot of possibilities to carry a lot of stuff.

Overall an amazing experience and recommended for anybody who likes to explore in a different way.

Ein Gedanke zu “Tandem tour GSRT Australia

  1. Hallo ihr zwei,
    Sehr schön von euch zu hören beneidenswert in Australien zu sein. Wir sind derzeit im deutschen Winter. Selber schuld dunkel nass windig…
    Eine ganz tolle Sache so viel Tage mit Zelt unterwegs zu sein. Das haben wir auch immer sehr genossen.
    Ja wir warten den Winter noch ab und im Frühjahr brechen wir auf zu einer großen neuen Tour auf es soll noch einmal ein Jahr um die Welt gehen. Am 20. März starten wir auf dem Landweg Richtung Osten.
    Ich hab vor einen Kleinen privaten Blog zu machen. Ich werde euch über eine Mail extra dazu einladen wenn ihr mögt könnt ihr Follower werden.
    Wann seid ihr wieder in Deutschland ?wahrscheinlich können wir uns vorher nicht mehr treffen. Aber ich freu mich wenn wir in Kontakt bleiben Abenteurer müssen sich austauschen.
    Recht herzliche Grüße Rainer und Gisela

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